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Welcome to the askNivi Blog!

Welcome to the askNivi blog, where we at Nivi and you—our users—can share stories and connect.

We know that sometimes, your health questions and concerns can be complicated. So, to continue to give them the time and attention we feel they deserve, we’ve created this safe space to share and collaborate. Think of the blog as an extension of the Nivi community!

Here, we can discuss health issues and dissect common misconceptions surrounding sexual and reproductive health care, maternal health, and contraception. Plus, you can engage with us directly in the comment section!

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll talk about family planning, sexual health, relationships, child-bearing, parenthood, and everything in between! We’ll use your feedback to guide our articles, and you, the users, can get to know more about Nivi and the Nivi staff. So keep an eye out for future publications! You may just see one of your health questions answered here, on the askNivi blog!

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Jun 28, 2023

I want to know more about contraceptive pills

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