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Hi, I'm Nivi.

Want to find out more about birth control, family planning, and safe sex?

I’m a chatbot here to give you the facts about contraceptives. I can help you take control of your future. You can chat with me 24/7. It’s free, safe, and private.

askNivi works in 3 simple steps:


Click an askNivi link to start chatting.  Your WhatsApp will open automatically and you will see a word in the text box.



Send this word so that I know what we should talk about. 



I’ll ask you a few questions, please answer them so that I can get to know you a little better and recommend the best options for you. Then chat away!

Facts, not Myths

Nivi is like your cool Auntie who has all the answers and doesn't judge you. Nivi gives you the facts so you can decide what's best for you.

Personal Recommendations

Tell Nivi your age, sex, and where you live to get personal recommendations. Nivi can help you find birth control that is right for your body.

Find a Clinic

It is very important to have a good clinic. Nivi can help you find a location near you so you can get your contraceptives safely and privately when you need them.

Nivi is Free, Safe, and Private

It's easy to chat. Nivi is available 24/7 on WhatsApp.

92% of people who chat with Nivi recommend it to their friends!

Learn more about types of contraceptives and birth control.

Nivi can recommend 3 family planning options that are right for you.

Nivi Partners

Nivi works with public health experts and medical professionals to develop highly accurate conversational content based on trusted research and direct patient experience.

Society for Family Health, Nigeria


Pathfinder International

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